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With the support of its entire Team, O2score System's management places a particular emphasis on our relationship with you. Our objective is to develop a relationship that is lasting and solid, in all the phases that mark the development of our company.


Your return on investment


This is our main concern. We know that it is essential to share a common state of mind, a common determination to lead O2score to commercial success, this also through an investment ethics that is applied in practice.


How we work with you


Throughout the duration of your investment, the O2score team stands ready to transparently communicate its progress, challenges and successes, whether on a commercial, financial or scientific level. We are available to meet with you and show you, from the inside, what we do. You will also be kept informed several times a year through a confidential newsletter.


Where we are heading


Deploying a new product on a commercial level is a sustained exercise in communication, market education and user loyalty. It is also about maintaining a competitive advantage based on developments set at a unique level of excellence.


To support our operations and increase our liquidity, we are open to the opportunity of new investors, being determined to use our financial resources to achieve measurable and long-term results. We also put in place, from the start, an exit strategy that is current, effective and where profit sharing and voting rights are an integral part of the company's strategy.

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