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As a coach, you are at the heart of the O2score project: our entire team is there to help you implement our solution, fully understand its use and interpret the results accordingly.


In this way, we want to offer you a service allowing to make the right decision, at the right time, for each of your athletes, in a personalized way.

Contact us, we will be happy to evaluate together the offer that suits you best!

An app dedicated to Professional Coaches

Your goal is to bring your athletes rapidly at their optimal performance level and then to maintain them at this level throughout the season. This while minimizing the risk of injury as much as possible. O2score System meets these objectives.


Access to key training management information is now made possible in routine, whether during the preparation phase or in post-analysis. Connected to your dedicated platform, O2score System allows you to remain focused on the personalized optimization of your athletes' performance, taking into account the risks of demotivation or of injuries related to

a training overload.

Our system offers you immediate feedback on the state of fatigue of your athletes as well as long-term monitoring of the critical phases of their training. Thus, as a coach, you make effective decisions, based on reliable and individualized data. O2score is therefore a decision-making aid throughout the season, but especially during crucial phases such as the periods preceding major events!

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